Jan 26

FAQs about a Crown

Remember the last time you went to see your dentist? Many of you were told that you may need a crown for your teeth. You were told. But you are not sure exactly what the crown is. So here are the most frequently asked questions about crowns. What does a crown do? A crown is …read more

Jan 26

Digital Everything & Digital Dentistry

Finally summer is here and I hope everyone is having a great time. One thing that amazes me is how everything is now digital. Music, movies, pictures, and even books! I am thinking in a few years, people won’t remember paper books anymore. Even dentistry is going digital. It is not new that many dental …read more

Jan 26

Dental Tidbits

Tidbit 1 – Whitening toothpastes There is more and more individuals that seek out to have a whiter smile. With new technology and an understanding, achieving a whiter smile is much easier than before with use of home bleaching, laser bleaching, porcelain veneers, etc. However, using whitening toothpastes is not something many dentists recommend. The …read more

Jan 26

Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

In our office, we encounter many people who are frustrated with their dentures and are looking for other replacement options. Below is a list of the most common complaints that we get from denture wearers: I cannot eat steak I have sore spots My dentures keep falling out I cannot taste food very well I …read more

Jan 26

You Hate Flossing But So Does the Bacteria

One of my new patients told me one day that she use to hate coming to dentist because her previous dentist always talked about flossing. She told me she hated flossing, and consequently I made sure I talked about it too. So why do so many dentists talk about flossing all the time? Flossing helps …read more

Jan 25

Killer Sweetener

We already know that sugar is bad for your teeth. Furthermore, the sugar is also pretty harmful to your body as it contributes to obesity, diabetes and other systemic conditions. The best way to solve this problem is not to consume sugar at all. However, you and I all know that this is simply not …read more

Jan 25

Busting Some Dental Myths

Myth: It doesn’t matter what type of toothbrush you use. Not all toothbrushes are created equal. Soft brushes are recommended as hard brushes have bristles that can cause damage to your teeth and gums. The use of toothbrushes with hard bristles can lead to conditions such as receding gums and cause ledges to form along …read more

Jan 19

The Danger of a Cracked Tooth

Do you remember the last time your dentist recommended a crown for your tooth with a large filling in it? Recent studies have shown that your dentist was right all along. In this study, scientists measured the amount of force needed to break teeth with different sized fillings. The teeth in this study ranged from …read more

Jan 19

A Night Guard Mystery

Why A Night Guard is Good For You If you are suffering from tooth wear, it is possible that you were suggested to wear a night guard. A night guard is a wonderful device to protect you from grinding your teeth together during the night. With this type of grinding, a night guard can be …read more

Jan 18

Four Enemies of Your Teeth

If you want to keep your teeth for life, it will be helpful to know enemies of your teeth. Controlling those means you get to keep your teeth healthier for years to come. That means fewer visits to your dentist, less emergencies, and more money in your pocket. Enemy #1: Gum Disease Most people have …read more

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