3D Dentistry

3D Implant Planning for Safe and Accurate Surgeries

Traditionally, implant dentists use small x-rays or panoramic x-rays to do implant planning. Although these were and still are very valuable tools to plan implant therapy, they are limited because they are 2-D images. Implant dentists cannot be fully aware of 3D shape of the surgical areas.

With the use of 3D technology, it is now possible to plan your implants in more 3 dimensional way. There is no guess work. We will know exact how much bone you have, thickness, heights and volume. Not only that, we can safely identify any nerve or arteries that can lead to surgical complications with the use of cone beam technology.

Digital Impression for Crown

With a use of CAD/CAM digital impression, we can now take impression of your teeth without gooey impression materials. Although conventional impression techniques are still important, in many cases we can use this digital impression to create crowns in same day.